Top Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Foot Surgery

We all want to look and feel our best. We exercise, eat right, and avoid habits or lifestyle choices which could damage our health or our appearance. Sometimes, however, all of our efforts can’t stop frustrating medical or aesthetic problems from developing. This includes many foot conditions that put a crimp in the step of millions of Americans every year. These issues can be the source of pain and discomfort, limit our mobility or reduce our footwear options, or just be plain unattractive and embarrassing.

Cosmetic foot surgery offers a potential remedy to these issues for many patients. If your foot problems are having a negative impact on your life, here are four of the top reasons you should discuss with your podiatrist the appropriateness or advisability of cosmetic foot surgery:

More Than Just Good Looks. As the name implies, “cosmetic” foot surgery is primarily focused on addressing the aesthetics and appearance of the feet and toes. But many unsightly foot problems, such as bunions, corns, and hammertoes are also the source of pain, discomfort, and other issues. Surgery to fix these conditions can not only improve the look of the feet but also resolve the underlying medical issue and eliminate the functional limitations or pain associated with the problem.

You’ve Tried Everything Else. Surgery, for any condition, is rarely the option of first resort. At JAWSpodiatry, our approach is to explore all non-surgical and minimally invasive courses of treatment before surgery. Sometimes, however, these more conservative efforts, such as pain relievers, shields, splints, spacers, pads, or orthotics, just won’t get the job done. In such cases, surgery may be the only remaining avenue for resolving the issue.  

More footwear options. Many foot problems limit the kinds of shoes you can wear. Bunions and hammertoes can be made worse by stylish shoes that are often tight or ill-fitting, and the unsightly appearance of these conditions can cause people to shy away from sandals or open-toed shoes. Surgery that resolves these issues can open up a universe of footwear options that were previously off-limits. 

Confidence and self-esteem. Ugly feet can make you feel ugly. Embarrassment, insecurity, and lower self-esteem can all be byproducts of not feeling good about your appearance. Correcting the source of aesthetically displeasing foot and toe conditions can remove these impediments to happiness and help you feel better about yourself.

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