Cosmetic Vs. Corrective Foot Surgery

Cosmetic foot surgery aims to enhance the appearance of the foot, while corrective foot surgery is performed to treat deformities or injuries that affect function. Cosmetic procedures include toe shortening or lengthening, while corrective procedures may involve correcting bunions or repairing tendon or ligament damage. Continue on to learn more or contact our teams today for any of your cosmetic or corrective foot challenges!

Many problems with feet cause pain and discomfort, interfere with mobility and other routine activities, and become a constant and disruptive presence.

Abnormalities and issues with the bones and tissue in your feet not only can create physical challenges today but can get progressively worse if left untreated.

Other foot issues, however, don’t cause physical problems or pain.

Rather, these foot deformities or imperfections provoke embarrassment because they are considered unattractive and aesthetically displeasing.

At JAWS Podiatry, we treat patients with every type of foot or ankle condition, but each patient is different, each foot issue is unique to that patient, and each person we see has their own goals and objectives for their course of treatment.

While we always look for non-surgical options when available and appropriate, surgery is sometimes the best or only solution. Fortunately, we are proud to offer many minimally invasive procedures.

If the foot problem is one that causes significant physical pain and interferes with the foot’s ability to function as it should, corrective surgery is often required.

If the issue is solely or primarily related to appearance and aesthetics, this may involve cosmetic foot surgery to alter how the feet look and feel.

Many people who get cosmetic foot surgery do so because they like to wear sandals or open-toed shoes that expose their feet or wear stylish, tight-fitting shoes which they can’t fit into currently.

Regardless of the reason for wanting cosmetic or aesthetic foot surgery, our podiatrists have the training, skill, and experience to help you put your best foot forward.

Our Most Frequently Performed Cosmetic  Foot Surgical Procedures

  • Cosmetic Toe-Shortening Surgery –

    Excessively long lesser toes are a relatively common deformity and typically pose an aesthetic concern for women more often than men.

    Aside from being merely a cosmetically displeasing deformity, this condition can result in further deformity and deterioration of the toe.

    Because the longest toe suffers from repetitive micro-trauma in closed shoes, the most common result is a hammertoe contracture of the toe and bending of the tip of the toe with most of the weight-bearing occurring at the tip rather than the fatty bottom of the toe.

    Cosmetic surgery can correct an abnormally long to allow for greater shoe options and a more pleasing appearance.
  • Cosmetic Toe-Straightening Surgery –

    Crooked or angular toes can create discomfort and pain during routine activities such as walking or wearing certain shoes.

    Even if they don’t cause any discomfort or interfere with mobility, crooked toes can look awkward and off-putting.

    Toe-straightening surgery can restore a natural appearance to your feet by correcting misaligned toes.
  • Cosmetic Toe-Lengthening Surgery –

    Abnormally short toes may develop in adulthood or be the result of a congenital disorder. Isolated shorter toes can be embarrassing and cause functional problems later in life.

    We can lengthen the toe slightly to better align with the other toes to reduce the social and practical issues associated with a shorter toe.
  • Cosmetic Hammertoe Surgery –

    Hammertoes and their related deformities are unsightly contractures of the joints of the lesser toes.

    They typically occur from muscle and ligament imbalance and typically worsen from neglect.

    To fix the issue, your podiatrist may recommend removing a small portion of the impacted toe bone to realign it or may fuse the toe joint.

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