Things To Know Before Having Foot Surgery

No one wants to undergo surgery. No one likes the idea of scalpels and anesthesia and risk and recovery time.

Sometimes, however, when non-surgical treatments have not effectively addressed an issue, surgery can be the only option to relieve pain, correct damage or deformities, or restore mobility.

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t or shouldn’t have questions or concerns about your procedure.

We welcome all of your questions and will provide you with all the answers and information you need to go into your surgery with peace of mind.

Here are four things that all patients should know about the foot surgeries we perform:

  1. Surgery Is The Last, Best, Or Only Option

At Jaws Podiatry, we always explore non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments to address foot and ankle problems.

If we recommend surgery, you can be confident that we consider it to be necessary to fully resolve your issue.

You can also rest assured that we will perform your procedure with the utmost skill and care.

  1. It Will Likely Be An Outpatient Procedure

We perform the vast majority of foot surgeries on an outpatient basis.

There is no hospital admission, and you will go home the same day as your procedure.

Additionally, most foot surgery involves only a local anesthetic, meaning that you will be awake during your procedure.

However, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery itself.

  1. You Will Need Time To Recover

No matter what kind of foot or ankle surgery you have, you will have to spend some time recovering.

While you may be able to walk out of your surgery with a brace, boot, or other assistance, you will still need to rest and stay off your foot for a while.

You will also likely need that brace, boot, or crutches for a period before your foot can bear weight and you can begin to resume normal activities.

The nature of your surgery, and how well you follow your doctor’s post-operative instructions, will determine the length of your recovery time.

  1. Foot Surgery Is Extremely Safe

All surgery involves the risk of complications. But it is rare for our patients to experience any adverse effects from the surgeries we perform.

Generally, only one to two percent of patients who have foot or ankle surgery have any complications, and even those are temporary and minor.

This is especially true for minimally invasive surgery

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At JAWS Podiatry, we know how painful and frustrating foot or ankle problems can be. We also understand that you want to resolve any such issues as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

That’s why our foot and ankle specialists will explore all possible alternatives to treat your condition and see if a non-surgical solution can address your problem.

If we do recommend surgery, our experienced foot surgeon will perform your procedure with the utmost care and precision, using the most advanced technology and techniques.

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