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While the acronym, JAWS, may conjure images in the mind’s frightful eye of that infamous shark invading the waters of a quiet beach town, Jaws Podiatry is a 5-star rated, cutting edge cosmetic and aesthetic foot surgery center led by South Florida’s highly acclaimed Dr. Abraham Wagner, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

Situated in Hollywood, Florida, he, his wife Jennifer and his staff of caring professionals specialize in cutting-edge, minimally-invasive foot and ankle surgical treatments for patients throughout all of the United States and beyond.

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The difference between our practice and others starts the second you call our office. From our concierge to our staff and team of podiatrists, we make everything as convenient and stress-free as possible, delivering a premium, luxury-type experience for all of our patients, that is minimally-invasive, and performed with local anesthesia and without pins or screws, so patients can walk immediately after surgery.

Dr. Abraham Wagner, DPM


Quantity isn’t always an equal qualifier to quality, however, after performing thousands upon thousands of surgeries, we uniquely provide both.


We bring every refined tool, insight and expertise we’ve learned from our years of service to every procedure we preform.


We’re located in the great city of Hollywood, Florida, but our clientele hails from across our beautiful state, the country and from across the globe.

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Minimally-Invasive Bunion and Bunionette Surgery

Being proactive and wearing bunion pads, silicone shields and wide unfashionable shoes can forestall bunion removal surgery, but it may eventually become necessary as the damage done to the joints and cartilage over time becomes progressive as does the degree of pain.


Toe Tucks And Side Tuck Cosmetic Surgeries

Similar to nip and tuck tummy procedures, the idea is to remove fatty tissue and thin the toe out to to appear more aesthetically pleasing. Side tucks involve a slenderizing effect on the sides of the foot, which is accomplished by the removal of fatty tissue. Both are considered minimal invasive, soft tissue surgical procedures.


Minimally-Invasive Corn Removal Surgery

Corns are compressed bits of dead skin, that are resistant to many topical treatments, which is why many patients choose corn removal surgery as a way to treat them. These very unattractive bumps on the sides of the foot are painful due to redness and inflammation, but often show no symptoms for many years. Over time, the cartilage erodes, the corn begins to grow and pain becomes more frequent. Aesthetically, corns be upsetting, because favorite shoes cannot be worn.


Toe Shortening, Lengthening and Straightening

Long toes can cause dull, mild or severe pain at the tip of the toe. Toe-straightening surgery is far more than aesthetic in purpose, as crooked or angular toes can cause discomfort and pain while walking or wearing certain shoes. Toe straightening surgery corrects misaligned toes and restores a natural look. Toe lengthening and toe shortening surgery can render feet more attractive by correcting the metatarsal bone. These procedures align the bones so they are more in line with the other toes.


Surgical Solutions for Brachymetatarsia

Brachymetatarsia, marked by abnormally short metatarsal bones in the foot, can cause discomfort and functional issues. Surgery to correct this involves lengthening the affected bone, enhancing foot function and appearance. This page explores the surgical techniques, preoperative considerations, and postoperative care involved in brachymetatarsia surgery, offering essential insights for patients and medical professionals alike.


Hammertoe Correction Surgery

Hammertoes are unsightly deformities that occur from muscle and ligament imbalances and they afflict the joints of the lesser toes. They usually worsen if not treated. High heels are mostly responsible because of the tremendous pressure walking on them creates for the toes. A secondary condition involving the formation of painful, ugly bursal sacs at the affected joints often occurs. While conservative treatment can work for a while, it is usually only minimally successful.



Passion, clinical outcomes and a powerful sense of family are the cornerstones of JAWS Podiatry. Our caring professionals offer customized treatment plans for all of our patients and their particular needs. Our focus is always on providing aesthetic solutions, the relief of pain and the nurturing value of a positive, unforgettable foot and ankle treatment experience. We both respect and are challenged by the fact that no two feet are ever alike, and that each patient is worthy of individualized attention. We live by the mantra that no one should ever have to live with emotional insecurity or foot pain, or permit any foot issue to interfere with their precious quality of life.


Jaws podiatry reviews Top-rated podiatrist in hollywood, FL

My experience with Dr. Wagner and his staff was amazing! I felt comfortable through the whole procedure and Dr. Wagner definitely made me feel empowered on making the right decision. I have seen over 5 podiatrists in my lifetime and he was the first to educate me on the process and give me an understanding of why my foot is having these issues. I think when I look back I felt like I was a number to other doctors before I met Dr. Wagner. His passion for his patients is incredible and you can tell he loves what he does

~ Jason B. ~

I had minimally invasive bunion surgery at JAWS and I can’t praise Dr. Wagner and his staff enough for how AWESOME they are! I am so happy with the results of my surgery and how well I’ve recovered. I’m 6 weeks post op and I’m back to running, i have no discomfort and my foot looks so pretty. I wanted to have my bunion corrected for so long but I was afraid of the traditional bunion correction method. I didn’t know that minimally invasive was an option until I met Dr. Wagner. It’s amazing, I actually walked out of surgery!! I was very nervous but the caring, compassionate staff made me feel at ease. I am so grateful, I highly recommend them and I thank them SO MUCH!

~ Valerie B. ~

Dr. Wagner is not a typical doctor. He is caring, talented and very creative! He has a huge sense of humor and most importantly, he knows what he is doing. I had a toe shortening performed by Dr. Wagner and his team and I am so happy with the results. His whole crew will make you feel safe and comfortable with all the steps of your journey from beginning to end. His team is friendly and very professional. Thank you Jaws podiatry!

~ Yola W. ~

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Whether it’s aesthetic hammertoe correction surgery, cosmetic bunion or corn removal, toe shortening surgery or the shaving of mammoth calluses, we film it all!  Watch as our surgeries are performed, and learn all of the ins and outs regarding podiatry, surgical preparation, surgical techniques, recovery times and so much more! Most importantly, get to know our one and only, Dr. Abraham Wagner, DPM, and his amazing team that help to make Jaws Podiatry the leading state-of-the-art practice it is!



It is not self evident that all feet and all foot surgeons are created equally. The cosmetic and functional procedures we perform require mastery over an extensive set of skills that take years to develop. 

So when you need to keep your best foot forward, make sure that it goes in that direction only and contact our caring, experienced and thoroughly prepared staff at Jaws Podiatry.

Final thought about feet: The human foot  is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art- Leonardo Da Vinci