Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Cosmetic foot surgery is somewhat undervalued and misunderstood in modern society by many who may dismiss it as unnecessary vanity.

It can be this, of course, but more often than not, it serves a positive purpose and represents an investment in a better life.

It has the power to enhance self esteem, self worth, body image and the quality of living.

For many of us, cosmetic surgery, especially on our feet, might not be a primary option if not for the fact that in many instances, it can offer a solution to both a physical problem and relief from recurring and often worsening pain.

In these cases, surgery also serves the enlightened purpose of restoring a sense of well being and self confidence.

Power of Cosmetic Foot Surgery

The benefits of long lasting pain relief cannot be underestimated. While living with pain is a reality for most of us at diverse points in our lives, constant pain can change a person’s emotional outlook and have a detrimental affect on attitudes and social interactions with friends and loved ones.

Suffering sweetly is not easy to come by, and it is like many things in life, easier said than done. Enjoying relief from pain, improved mobility and appearance can do wonders for a person’s spirit and emotional outlook.

For those seeking help with their feet who reside in the United States and beyond, we offer the most advanced, top-rated, cutting edge minimally-invasive treatments involving all aspects of foot and ankle care.

Headed by Dr. Abraham Wagner, acclaimed Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), he and his dedicated staff are passionate about transforming their patients into the best possible versions of themselves.

Our customized treatment plans are designed to accommodate all their patients and their particular needs.

Our Services include: podiatric care, treatment and therapy, hammertoe correction, bunion and bunionette removal, corn removal, toe shortening, toe lengthening and toe straightening, side tucks, toe tucks, knee lifts and an array of other cosmetic and functional surgical procedures for the foot, ankles and knees.

In the words of a very satisfied JAWS Podiatry patient named Delores Thompson:

“The best thing that ever happened to my self esteem was finding jaws podiatry on tictok. In my experience, they were phenomenal, the staff was great and very attentive. They made me feel very special (every visit). I would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Abraham Wagner for his outstanding support. To anyone thinking twice about visiting Jaws Podiatry………… stop and just do it. I can’t wait to see my end results!”

The Most Common Cosmetic Foot Surgery Procedures

The following represent some of the deformities and the procedures we most often perform.

Bunion And Bunionette Removal Surgery

The name, bunion, derives from the Latin, hallux, which means big toe, and valgus, which translates to: turned away from the midline.

More than 65 million Americans are affected by bunion deformities, and women are ten times more likely to develop them because of high heels, which tip the weight of the body forward and force the toes into the narrow front part of the shoes.

Bunions are also very common among people over sixty years of age. For most of us, they are harmless, and the use of over the counter pads and other products can prevent them from getting worse.

They can, however, become serious problems, and if left untreated, can cause permanent physical deformities of the toe and the foot as well as emotional issues concerning their appearance.

Several surgical procedures are available, depending upon the severity of the bunion.

They all share the desired outcome of relieving pain and restoring normal function by eradicating the bunion and readjusting the joints, tendons ligaments and nerves of the foot.

Minimally-Invasive Corn Removal Surgery

There are two kinds of corns; hard and soft. The hard variety are small, round, raised and dense areas of skin that form at the top of the toes in response to bone pressure that is exerted against the skin.

Their cores are solid, and pain as well as an open would can easily occur. They are deeper than callouses.

In the case of soft corns, the pain is even worse, and their soft, rubbery character often manifests itself as painful lacerations found between the fourth and fifth toes.

This is a favored spot because the sweat between the toes naturally softens the space and keeps it moist. There is also more of a chance that a soft corn will become infected than one of its harder cousins.

There is an unmistakable culprit associated with the formation of both hard and soft corns; namely and shamelessly, poor fitting and/or high heeled shoes.

Wearing shoes without socks can also cause rubbing and friction, resulting in corns. Once a decision is made to allow us to do our magic on this painful deformity, good things begin to happen.

A pain free life is one of joyful possibilities that cannot be tangibly measured. It embraces a freedom of spirit lost and regained that is both exhilarating and fulfilling.

The following is a touching review written by a recent patient, Paige Diaz:

“I don’t even know where to begin. From start to finish, Dr. Wagner, his surgical assistant, Jennifer, and office manager, Mari, assembled as the true dream team! Dr. Wagner made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The JAWS team operates as a patient-forward business, making you feel at ease and a true part of their family. This was a life-changing experience and I am eternally grateful for the level of skill and care Dr. Wagner provided. He is a true artist and the only surgeon I would trust and recommend to anyone interested in cosmetic foot surgery.”

Hammertoe Correction Surgery

This deformity does not have a very imaginative moniker, for it is so named because the afflicted toe bears a resemblance to a hammer.

Its unsightly appearance can cause feelings of shame and inferiority, and the need to hide one’s feet when at the beach or in other instances.

The middle joints of the smaller toes are always affected, and the condition causes an abnormal bend in the toe.

Hammertoes are caused by a muscle or ligature imbalance, which exerts excessive pressure on the toe’s tendons and joints.

There are 4 causes for the muscular disparity that often leads to the formation of hammertoes. They are: genetics; poor-fitting shoes; disease and trauma.

This deformity must be treated or it will get worse over time, and the pain will increase exponentially, especially if wearing closed shoes.

This is because such action forces the bent toe to rub against the shoe’s upper part, which often results in the formation of an unwanted corn.

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta reality tv star and talk show host, Claudia Jordan, had been wearing high heels since she was a teenager, and her shoes on the set were always at least 2 sizes too small for her feet.

She had this to say about her own painful personal reality with hammertoes and corns and the restoring of her self confidence:

“I’m sharing my journey to hopefully make the process a lot less scary to anyone else who’s ever thought about having surgery to improve the look of their toes. I didn’t have MAJOR bone deformities, but enough to cause corns that I’ve had for decades… I chose Dr Wagner of JAWS Podiatry n Hollywood, Florida to perform my surgery and on top of him and his wife being super nice people, they also were very comforting and good at what they do. I highly recommend them.”

Cosmetic Toe Lengthening Surgery

Also known as a floating toe, this genetic condition occurs more frequently in women than in males, and commonly affects the fourth toe, although it can appear on any other.

It relates to the disruption of bone growth in the foot. The toe itself is of normal length, but the metatarsal bone that it attaches itself to is short.

Low self-esteem and embarrassment are common emotions associated with this deformity, which can make someone feel different, and less worthy than others.

Standing out in a negative way, even through no fault of one’s own, can be very hurtful and ego-damaging.

There is often significant pain and discomfort associated with this deformity because a short toe is always higher up on the foot and is known to create an unnatural distribution of weight on the ball area.

For this reason, shoes are known to make things worse by causing intense irritation to the affected foot. Surgery restores the length of the short bone and there are three options available, depending on the severity of the condition.

These include: sliding bone cut lengthening; bone graft and external fixator lengthening.

Cosmetic Toe Shortening Surgery

Toe shortening surgery corrects a condition known as a long toe, which is a name that is somewhat confusing because technically, the toes have nothing to do with it.

The problem concerns the metatarsals, which are the five bones connecting the bones which are found in the middle of the foot.

These in turn link to the tarsals (the bones in the back of the foot). With this abnormality, the metatarsal connected to the big toe is shorter than the second metatarsal, resulting in a longer second toe.

While the Vikings believed that a long toe, also known as Morton’s Toe, Greek toe, royal toe and turkey toe, was a prophesy of a long life, this abnormality negatively affects the quality of life because it is not only problematic cosmetically and emotionally, but also physically.

It alters foot function and can cause considerable pain. Even more, its unsightly and impossible-to-hide appearance can make a person feel ashamed of their feet; an outcast, so to speak when walking (or at least trying to) in normal sandals or even barefoot along the beach.

We’re fully equipped to correct this condition and below is the testimonial of one woman named Maritiza Vargas, who was very glad we did so:

“My only regret is not doing the surgery sooner! The whole experience from time of inquiry to 8 weeks post opp has been amazing! I’m in love with my new feet. After hiding my feet for 37 years, I now wear cute sandals with confidence and don’t worry if someone looks down! I did cosmetic toe shortening on a total of 4 toes (2 each foot) and also several corn removals. Will post a picture once the swelling goes down, but even with the swelling, my feet are so much more attractive! Thank you Dr. Wagner and staff, you are the best!

Minimally-Invasive Toe Straightening Surgery

An imbalance in the ligaments, tendons and muscles prevents the toe from lying in a straight position and it remains contracted.

Mallet toe and hammer toe both occur on the second, third or fourth toe because of this deformity.

The culprits are often the shoes worn every day, but causes can also include: foot trauma; certain diseases and genetic foot structure.

These unattractive conditions are aesthetically displeasing and can cause much unhappiness and self consciousness.

No matter how clean or well dressed a person may be, these deformities make one’s feet ugly to behold. We may recommend surgery to correct this condition if conservative options have failed.

The procedure usually involves the removal of a small piece of bone which will permit the toe to extend to its fullest length.

Another satisfied patient named Witley Kavanagh. He had this to say about how he experienced much relief and improvement with his surgical experience:

“When I say Dr. Wagner is truly a master at his craft. Understatement. His attention to detail, his passion, his way of making you feel at ease etc…My experience with him is AMAZING. And Jen is a gem. Dr. Wagner is so witty and fun, but his skill is no joke. This man is the truth. I’m so happy I found him! He is actively helping to restore my confidence and my quality of life. Thank you to the ENTIRE team at Jaws.”

The Silhouette Insta Knee Lift

We are multi talented and can also help the quality of life and self esteem of aging patients with an insta knee lift procedure.

This minimally-invasive option addresses a rarely covered need among seniors who have sagging knees and do not wish to undergo surgery.

Jaws Podiatry Silhouette Insta Knee Lift

Dr. Wagner uses dissolvable sutures that simultaneously tighten loose skin and stimulate long term collagen production.

Transform Your Feet And Your Life!

Invest in a better quality of life for yourself and consider cosmetic surgery if you have any of the above-mentioned conditions.

You will not only feel better after visiting us, you will also become a newer and more confident version of yourself, especially after you throw those poor-fitting and high-heeled shoes out the window and into a trash bin below..

Contact our teams and schedule an in-person or virtual consultation today!