High Heels and Foot Pain

When it comes to shoes, high heels are the #1 culprit of foot pain. While JAWS podiatry strongly advises patients to avoid wearing high heels, the reality is many patients will continue to wear them. Use these tips to make smarter high heel shoe selections.


Shoe Selections to Look For:

  • Cushioning at the front of the shoe
  • Generous toe box area
  • Heel height of two inches or less
  • Slight heel or wedge encourages your arch to lift

Shoe Selections to Avoid:

  • Pointy, closed toe
  • High stiletto
  • Crowded toe box
  • Excessive wear on heels or soles
  • Requires “breaking in”

Wearing heels daily can cause your Achilles tendon to shrink, putting you at greater risk of an injury when doing any activities while wearing flats, including exercise.

Any heel over two inches in height results in shifting of your body weight forward, putting incredible pressure on the ball of your feet and toes.

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