Fourth of July Foot Dangers

Summer is fast approaching, and the time is right for sandals, flip-flops and bare feet.

Though things are undoubtedly different this year for obvious reasons, the desire to be outside having fun on the 4th of July and throughout the season doesn’t change.

Neither do the dangers that come with all of that activity and feet that are exposed to the elements.

Earthing Walking Barefoot

Here are some Independence Day and summer foot dangers to keep in mind, along with some simple and common-sense tips for keeping your feet safe and healthy.

  • Don’t use your feet to kick or snuff-out fireworks. They may still be hot, with the potential to cause burns. When walking barefoot in particular, keep your eye out for fireworks on the ground.
  • The biggest danger of walking barefoot, on the beach or elsewhere, is the possibility of getting a cut or puncture wound on the bottom of your foot. Open wounds caused by dirty objects can quickly and easily become infected and/or lead to serious conditions like tetanus. Make sure you (and your children) are up to date on your tetanus shots. Physicians recommend that teenagers and adults get a tetanus booster shot every ten years.
  • Even with tetanus shots, puncture wounds can leave dirty and unsterile objects embedded in the sole of the foot that may be hard to remove safely or entirely. Left untreated and uncleaned, the puncture wound could lead to complications such as tissue or bone infections. Make an appointment as soon as you can with a podiatrist to ensure that the wound is properly cared for and treated.
  • We do a pretty good job applying sunscreen to our face, arms, legs, and torso, but it can be easy to forget about the tops of our feet. Since they don’t see as much sun as other parts of our body, they can be particularly prone to painful and damaging sunburns. Make sure you are generous with your application of sunscreen on the tops and bottoms of your feet.
  • While it may not be the same as going barefoot, wearing flip-flops or sandals can still feel like summer. They also can help avoid cuts or punctures, as well as prevent contact with bacteria and fungus such as athlete’s foot that develop around wet areas like swimming pools and locker rooms.

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