What is Aesthetic Toe-Shortening Surgery?

For many individuals, their big toe is not, in fact, their biggest toe. It isn’t uncommon for one of the lesser toes to grow longer than the big toe, but such a deformity can create problems both aesthetically and functionally. An abnormally long toe can appear unattractive and embarrassing and limit the kinds of shoes the person can wear, including stylish yet ill-fitting shoes and open-toe sandals. Additionally, a longer than usual lesser toe can lead to further deformity and deterioration of the toe including a hammertoe contracture of the toe.

Most often, it is the toe closest to the big toe that is the one at issue, hanging off the edge of an open-toed shoe. Usually, the big toe is approximately equal in the length to the second and possibly third toe, followed by the shorter fourth and fifth toes to create a profile and shape known as a parabola. An elongated toe disrupts this parabola.

For those with an elongated toe, the nail on that toe can become darkened and thickened from possible fungal infection or micro-trauma. The joints on the dorsum (top) of the toe typically rub and become irritated from the top of the shoe, causing unsightly corns, blisters, scarring, pain, and occasionally open wounds.

At JAWSpodiatry, we frequently see patients who want to do something about a long lesser toe, whether for cosmetic reasons or otherwise. As with every foot and ankle problem we treat, we always consider non-surgical or minimally invasive treatment options for overly long toes, but the nature of the condition is such that toe-shortening surgery is often the only practical and effective solution. Cosmetic toe-shortening surgery can correct an abnormally long toe to allow for greater shoe options and a more pleasing appearance.

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If an elongated toe is causing you embarrassment or keeping you from wearing the kinds of shoe styles you want, you don’t need to live with it anymore. At JAWSpodiatry in Hollywood, Florida, our exceptional podiatrists and surgeons focus exclusively on treating foot and ankle problems. If we do recommend toe-shortening surgery, our experienced podiatrists will perform your procedure with the utmost care and precision, using the most advanced technology and methods.  Please contact us today at (954) 922-7333 to schedule a consultation.