Tendon Lacerations in the Foot

Skin lacerations that can result in tendon disruptions are generally those that are over areas of prominent tendons.

The tendon Achillis is one such tendon as well as the tibialis anterior and the extensor hallucis longus.

The flexor tendons are somewhat protected in the foot until the area around the metatarsophalangeal joint where they become more superficial and, therefore, more vulnerable to a laceration.

Watch as Dr. Abraham Wagner surgically re-attaches this patients tendon.

The indications for repair of the tendon are generally quite obvious and the techniques are quite simple.

Where most of us stray into difficulty is when we fail to be observant enough with what seems like a minor laceration.

It is imperative that muscle testing is performed after all lacerations.

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Video Transcription

Hello everyone. I just wanted to present another case for you. This is a traumatic case that recently occurred. Several days ago, a patient sustained an traumatic injury. A glass door fell on their foot, and unfortunately, as we can all see, there is a laceration of the tendon.

We all have very superficial tendons that help move these toes up and down. Obviously, on the top, it’s up. But she’s presented with these two toes, where you can clearly see the difference between how the second and the fifth are actually nice and straight and the third and the fourth toes are not. These toes bore the brunt of the injury, the extensor tendons.

Okay, so these are the extensor tendons right here. And these are the tendons that pull the toe. So her extensor tendon, number three and number four were actually lacerated and cut, so she is not able to move those two toes up. So we’re going to go ahead and take her into the operating room, so we can actually put the tendons back together – then take one end and suture it to the other end. There’s one end here, and the other end is here.

So we’ll probably get some good footage as well, to show everyone the second part of the procedure. But this is quite unfortunate, but we can repair this. As everyone can see, there is no movement or muscle strength or power to bring the toes up.