Each physician at JAWS Podiatry is a specialist in in wound care. We pride ourselves in preventing foot infections and loss of function by administering the utmost care with foot abrasions, cuts and sores.

Predominantly, serious wounds that require medical intervention are diabetic foot wounds and transform into ulcers. These open sores around the bottom of the feet are the leading cause of diabetic foot amputations.


For patients with diabetes, treating wounds on the foot as soon as possible is key. Nerve damage can limit your ability to feel pain or infection, so be sure to check your feet for minor scrapes and cuts regularly. Even if it seems minor, always visit your podiatrist for diabetic wound care to err on the safe side.

Patients without diabetes may also require wound care for a serious injury that necessitates stitches or a dirty wound needing proficient cleaning. If you see any signs of infection, such as puss, pain or swelling, call our office immediately. In cases of animal bites, relentless bleeding or significant trauma, visit your nearest emergency room as soon as possible.

For more information on wound care for feet and ankles at JAWS Podiatry, contact our office at 954-922-7333


It is not self evident that all feet and all foot surgeons are created equally. The cosmetic and functional procedures we perform require mastery over an extensive set of skills that take years to develop. 

So when you need to keep your best foot forward, make sure that it goes in that direction only and contact our caring, experienced and thoroughly prepared staff at Jaws Podiatry.

Final thought about feet: The human foot  is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art- Leonardo Da Vinci