How to Prevent Foot Cramps

A foot cramp may not be a serious medical condition, but it can be seriously painful while it lasts. If you’ve ever had one – and you probably have – you know that even the shortest cramp can knock you off your feet or wake you up in the middle of the night. While you can never fully ensure that your feet won’t develop a cramp ever again, there are certainly things you can do to reduce the likelihood of these annoying and uncomfortable occurrences.

What Is A Foot Cramp?

Out of nowhere, a muscle in your foot may suddenly squeeze and lose its ability to relax. That is a foot cramp. You can get a cramp because of exercise or overuse, but cramps can also happen while you’re sitting down or in bed fast asleep.

A cramp can manifest itself as a mild tic or as an intense and painful spasm that causes a lot of pain for several seconds or several minutes.

What to Do When a Foot Cramp Strikes

When you feel that foot cramp pain, the first (and only) thing you want is for the pain to stop ASAP. To do so, put weight on your cramped foot or lift your foot and toes and pull them up toward your nose. Gently rub your muscle as you stretch it and put some ice on the area while you massage it.

How to Reduce The Chance of Developing a Foot Cramp

The best thing you can do to avoid foot cramps is to stretch regularly, especially if you exercise regularly as well. Stretch before and after every workout and, if you tend to develop cramps at night, stretch before you go to bed.  

Stretching your feet is quick and easy. Here’s what to do:

  • Rest your left ankle on your right knee
  • With your left hand, gently flex your left foot by pulling back on the toes just hard enough to feel the stretch in the arch of your foot
  • Point the toes on your left foot point as far as you can. Rotate the motion of pointing with pulling back on the toes
  • Do the foregoing 10 to 20 times and repeat the process with your other foot.

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