Choosing the Best Flip Flops for Optimal ComfortNot all flip flops are created equal. Here are some tips for picking a better pair:

Size Matters: One-size-fits-all flops are not your friend. Friend a pair that fit properly, without your toes or heels hanging (even a little) off the end.

The Bend Test: If you pick up a flip flop and it easily bends right down the middle, put it back. You need more support than that. It should only bend at the ball of the foot where you need it for walking.

Strap It In: A thin thong doesn’t provide much support, and leaves your foot moving all over the place. Look for a shoe with a strap across the back, or at least longer, thicker straps in the front.

Think Material: The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends a high quality, soft leather over other materials to cut blister and irritation risk.

While flip flops can be the summer style, wearing them too often can cause permanent damage to the feet and legs.  With so many choices in flip flops these days it is important to know how to choose a pair that provide optimal foot structure.

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