Natural Care for Active Feet

If you are an avid runner or jogger or spend any amount of time engaged in sports or other active endeavors, you know that you won’t have much fun or get much of a workout if your feet hurt. But the very nature of these activities puts a lot of pressure and stress on your feet and can make every step an uncomfortable or painful one.

Taking care of your feet is critical but it doesn’t need to be complicated. While some serious foot problems for active folks may require treatment by a podiatrist, most of the more common issues which arise for casual or serious athletes can be addressed with simple, natural, home remedies.

If you want to keep a spring in your step and avoid bigger problems down the road, consider these helpful tips:

  • Don’t sit on pain. If you are feeling foot or heel pain, do something about it now. Most problems which start with discomfort – such as plantar fasciitis/runner’s heel – will devolve into ever-worsening pain and more serious complications if not addressed or cared for early on.
  • Take some time off. Your muscles need to recoup and regroup after a strenuous workout, whether those muscles are in your arms, legs, or feet. Take some time between runs to allow your feet to heal.
  • Keep your feet dry – and moist. It may sound contradictory, but you need to keep your feet dry while also keeping them moisturized. Allowing sweat and moisture from wet locker room floors and other surfaces to remain on your feet can increase your risk of fungal problems like athlete’s foot. But applying a good moisturizer after a shower can keep your skin from cracking and reduce the friction that can lead to painful blisters.
  • Get some support. At almost any pharmacy you can pick up a pair of orthotics and heel seats which you can slip into your running shoes to provide support and cushion to minimize pain and stave off injury.
  • Stretch your feet. In a recent blog post, we discussed the importance of stretching your feet. The same benefits of stretching your muscles that apply before and after your workout also apply to your feet. Stretching your feet as well as your Achille’s tendon can relieve or prevent pain and reduce the chances of injury.
  • Keep on soft and even surfaces. Hard or uneven surfaces can increase the impact on your feet and raise the risk of injuries including ankle sprains.

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