Stretching Your Feet

If you exercise regularly, you know the importance of stretching the muscles, tendons, and ligaments you use during your workout. Stretching is important as it can minimize pain, cramps, or other problems that arise after putting those arms, legs, or shoulders through their paces.

But your feet have muscles, ligaments, and tendons too, and they are getting a workout every single time you stand up or walk. All that pressure on your feet can lead to painful problems. Some foot and ankle problems are related to issues with bones and joints. But many are due to inflammation and other issues with the muscles in your feet. The same benefits of stretching your muscles that apply before and after your workout also apply to your feet.

Stretching your feet as well as your Achille’s tendon can relieve or prevent pain and reduce the chances of injury, especially in athletes or people who spend a great deal of time on their feet.

Foot and heel pain is often related to plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a biomechanical condition caused by immense and ongoing pressure that damages the ligament and causes pain or stiffness at the sole of the foot. Stretching can also help relieve pain from this condition.

How to Stretch Your Feet

Stretching your feet is quick and easy. Here’s what to do:

• Rest your left ankle on your right knee
• With your left hand, gently flex your left foot by pulling back on the toes just hard enough to feel the stretch in the arch of your foot
• Point the toes on your left foot point as far as you can. Rotate the motion of pointing with pulling back on the toes
• Do the foregoing 10 to 20 times and repeat the process with your other foot.

For a stretch which can help keep your ankles in good shape, try the following:

• Face a wall with your arms out and hands flat against the wall
• Step back with one foot and keep it flat on the floor while moving the other leg forward
• Lean towards the wall until you feel a stretch
• Hold for 30 seconds and perform 10 repetitions for each foot.

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