Calluses are compressed dead skin cells that develop on the bottom of the feet due to irritation and the pressure caused by the thousands of steps we take every day. Calluses are usually not harmful, but may sometimes lead to other issues, such as infection or skin ulceration.

At JAWS Podiatry, we are often asked whether calluses can be removed at home without having to see a doctor. If the calluses are not infected and are relatively minor, the answer is yes. However, if they are extremely swollen and painful, you should make an appointment with an experienced podiatrist who can remove them for you and help you avoid potential complications.

Tips for Removing Minor Calluses at Home

For minor calluses, there are a number of things you can do to treat and remove calluses as well as prevent them from appearing in the future. To safely remove calluses, try these steps:

  • Soak your feet in warm water with a handful of Epsom salts for about 10-15 minutes to soften the skin.
  • Once the dead skin has softened, use a wet pumice stone or callus file in a vigorous circular motion to gently rub off the top layers of skin. Rinse your feet often by dipping them back into the warm water, and rinse the pumice stone regularly as well. Dry your feet thoroughly when you’re done.
  • Repeat the process on a daily basis until all of the dry and dead skin is gone, and apply moisturizing lotion.

Do NOT ever use a razor blade, knife, scissors, or any other sharp object in attempting to remove a callus as doing so could lead to injury or infection.

Avoiding Calluses

Of course, preventing calluses from developing in the first place is more desirable than having to remove them. Here are some tips for avoiding the pain and discomfort of this all-too-common foot problem:

  • Wear orthotics made of shock-absorbing materials which redistribute pressure on the foot equally
  • Place non-medicated pads around the callus to relieve pressure
  • Stop wearing any shoes that may be causing the callus or insert moleskin in any such shoes before wearing them
  • Maintain proper foot hygiene

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