Foot Rash 101

No matter where they occur on the body, skin rashes can be painful, unattractive, and certainly unwelcome. But foot rashes can be particularly troublesome because of the work our feet do throughout the day. If you have a painful foot rash, walking and just wearing shoes can be a perilous ordeal.

Unfortunately, there are many types of foot rashes. Fortunately, an experienced podiatrist can offer treatments which can reduce pain and eliminate the rashes altogether. Which treatment is best for you depends on the nature and cause of the rash.

Three of the most common types of foot rashes are:

  • Allergic reactions. Often, the material contained in shoes or socks such as leather and dyes can cause allergic reactions which lead to a condition called contact dermatitis. Exposure to certain soaps as well as poison ivy can also lead to these kinds of rashes. This condition causes pale pink skin or red scaly rashes and blisters. It can usually be treated with topical steroid medications or antihistamines.

  • Athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot got its name because it was common among athletes who share locker rooms and showers. Those environments, and similar ones such as poolsides where people often walk around in bare feet on moist surfaces, are fertile grounds for the development and spread of the fungus which causes athlete’s foot. Skin inflammation and a white, scaly rash with a red base are common athlete’s foot symptoms, as are itching, burning, peeling, and a slight odor. Over-the-counter or prescription antifungal medications and creams can usually resolve the problem and heal the rashes.
  • Scabies infections. Highly contagious, extremely itchy, and definitely disturbing, scabies is an infection caused by tiny mites burrowing into your skin. Scabies can manifest itself on skin throughout the body, but feet and hands are particularly vulnerable. Scabies rashes may look like small bug bites or pimples at first, but soon will grow into red, patchy rashes. You should be able to tell where the mite is burrowing if you can see a thread-like black line next to the rash. Medicated prescription lotion needs to be applied all over the body to kill any remaining mites and eggs.

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