3 Home Cures for Foot Blisters Blisters on your ankles or feet can slow you to a crawl and make every step an excruciating one. But almost everyone has had a blister, and likely will again. New or ill-fitting shoes are usually the culprits, but no matter what the cause, you want that blister to heal as quickly as possible. You certainly don’t want to do anything to make it worse.

Fortunately, most blisters will ultimately heal on their own if the source of the irritation is no longer an issue. But there are steps you can take at home that can reduce the pain and discomfort of a blister and speed the healing process. Here are three home cures for foot blisters that can help make that happen:

  • Pitch a tent. A bandage over the blister can protect it from infection and cushion friction from socks or shoes. But blisters need air in order to heal properly. If your bandage is put on flat and tight over the blister, it can suffocate it and delay the natural healing process. You can let the blister breath and still protect it by “tenting” your bandage over the blister. Simply apply the adhesive parts of the bandage closer together than you otherwise would such that the cushion of the bandage forms a tent over the wound. When you are at home, remove the bandage, apply some antibacterial ointment and let the blister breathe even more.

  • Green tea. The anti-oxidant qualities contained in green tea make it much more than a warm and soothing beverage. Green tea can reduce inflammation and help supercharge the body’s healing processes. For treating a blister, you won’t want to drink the tea, but rather apply it directly to the blister itself. Brew three bags of green tea in boiling water and add a teaspoon of baking soda. After the tea/baking soda brew has cooled, soak your blister in it. If the blister is an area too difficult to soak, instead soak some gauze in the brew and then apply the gauze to the blister.
  • Hands off. Don’t pick at a blister or you risk causing an infection. Instead, let the blister pop on its own or use a sterilized sewing needle to open the blister near its lowest part to drain the fluid. Cover it with antibiotic ointment and a bandage so it can heal safely and try to avoid further irritation to the area.

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