What is Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)?

Podiatrists have several techniques and treatments available to address the many causes of pain, discomfort, and other problems related to feet and ankles that afflict so many people. Often, traditional therapies like medication, injections, orthotic shoes and inserts, or physical therapy can resolve these issues and bring relief to long-suffering patients. Sometimes, however, some or all of these approaches do not solve the problem.

Until recently, surgery may have been the only effective option in such cases. No more. Safe, non-invasive treatments are now available to treat pain, inflammation, and other foot and ankle problems that have not responded to other methods. One such innovative and effective treatment is extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT).

Fast, Gentle, and Non-Invasive

ESWT is a fast, gentle, and non-surgical method of addressing chronic heel pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spur syndrome, and Achilles tendonitis. It involves the delivery of pneumatically generated low or high-pressure shock waves that travel through the skin to injured soft tissue. ESWT does not involve sending electricity into the body. Rather, high energy pulsations of ultrasonic waves safely stimulate the body’s natural self-healing process. ESWT evolved from lithotripsy, a technique used today to disintegrate kidney stones without the use of invasive surgery.

How ESWT Works

We perform the 15-minute procedure in our comfortable and welcoming office. We begin by conducting a thorough evaluation of the foot and ankle and a simple manual examination of the painful area. After locating and marking the trigger point, or sore area, we apply ultrasonic transmission gel to the foot. The specially designed ESWT hand-piece is then positioned to gently and extensively transmit shockwaves over the injured area. The feedback you provide helps us determine the fine positioning of the applicator and the measurement of the impulse frequency. Once you are comfortable at a low level, we gradually increase the energy over the course of several minutes.

There are virtually no side effects or complications associated with ESWT since it involves no medication, surgery, injections, or anesthesia. Some patients may experience a short period of slight tingling, warmth, or numbness immediately after their treatment.

Most patients will feel improvement after the first ESWT treatment, but healing continues for up to three months after the last treatment. Success rates with this advanced treatment are approximately 70-80%.

The doctors at JAWSpodiatry and the Advanced Heel Pain Centers of South Florida will determine if you are a candidate for ESWT. As noted, we reserve this treatment for special cases where conventional efforts have not provided adequate relief of pain.

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