What is Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) Therapy?

The human body has immense powers of healing and regeneration. Advances in technology and technique now allow us to harness the body’s natural healing processes and use them more efficiently and effectively to repair tissue damage, eliminate pain, and resolve other issues faster and without the need for invasive surgery.

At the Advanced Heel Pain Centers of South Florida, we utilize multiple forms of regenerative injection therapy, each of which is safe, tested, and effective. This includes taking advantage of the curative and healing properties contained in the stem cells of a patient’s own bone marrow to allow us to safely and naturally repair damage and relieve pain. We perform these regenerative procedures, including bone marrow aspirate concentrate therapy (BMAC) injections, in just one day in our offices, considerably minimizing downtime.

Why Bone Marrow?

For years, physicians have used bone marrow therapy safely and effectively to treat a variety of injuries and ailments. This treatment works because of the natural power and potential of the stem cells contained in our bones.

Bone marrow aspirate stem cell concentrate is an element of bone marrow that contains powerful growth factors and anti-inflammatory properties that help repair and restore damaged tissue throughout the body. Unlike other cells of the body, the regenerative cells in bone marrow are undifferentiated, meaning that they can replicate themselves into a variety of tissue types. That is what makes them so versatile and allows us to leverage their power to treat foot and ankle conditions, including heel pain.

The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society has determined that stem cells taken from bone marrow “can be used to help with bone healing, cartilage repair, and new blood vessel growth. Using stem cells may treat delayed union or nonunion of bone fractures, cartilage defects, osteonecrosis, chronic tendon problems or chronic wounds.”

What Is The BMAC Therapy Procedure?

What makes BMAC therapy different from some other regenerative treatments is that we use the patient’s own stem cells instead of those from a third-party donor.

We can extract these cells from bone marrow in a patient’s hip using a specially designed needle that draws out the cells and other elements found in the marrow. We administer local anesthesia during this process to ensure that there is minimal, if any, discomfort.

We then transfer the marrow and its cells from the syringe into a centrifuge to filter and separate the regenerative cells and platelets from the other elements in the blood products. The result is a concentrate that is five to 11 times richer in regenerative cells and growth factors.

After we have obtained and processed the concentrate, we then inject the cells into the damaged tissue where they enhance and assist the healing your body is already doing.

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