Seniors and Their FeetThe American Podiatric Medical Association estimates that the average American has walked approximately 75,000 miles by the time they reach the age of 50. While we can replace our tires when they’ve traveled that far, we can’t do the same with our feet. Feet are not immune from the changes that come with getting older. As our bodies feel the weight of aging and our lifestyles change, new problems can arise and we can become more vulnerable to common foot problems that people experience at any age. In fact, one in three people over the age of 65 has foot pain, stiffness, or aching feet.

For their health and well-being, seniors should be attentive to any changes in the feeling or appearance of their feet and ensure that they take steps which can address issues when they develop and minimize the likelihood that such problems arise in the first place.

Common Foot Problems for Seniors

Some of the most common problems seniors experience with their feet are:

• Loss of cushioning on the heels and bottom of the feet
• Pain and stiffness caused by arthritis in the midfoot joints or the big toe
• Loss of circulation caused by lack of mobility or diabetes
• Hammertoes, corns, callouses, or bunions caused by tight or high-heeled shoes. These can be particularly problematic as it can affect balance and increase the risk of falls
• Dry skin and brittle nailsRead More