Preventative Podiatry: Diabetic Foot UlcersHealth problems which would be painful and debilitating for most people can be downright catastrophic for individuals with diabetes. This is particularly true when it comes to issues affecting the legs and feet. Diabetes makes the extremities extremely vulnerable to infection and the development of foot ulcers. Making matters worse, diabetes can limit the ability to experience foot pain or discomfort which would otherwise alert the person to the existence of the problem. While diabetic foot ulcers are treatable, they can become much more severe and painful if not addressed in a timely fashion.

That is why prevention of diabetic foot ulcers is so critical. Individuals with diabetes need to stay vigilant and take affirmative steps to ensure that their feet are trouble-free. Fortunately, working closely with a podiatrist experienced in diabetic foot care, those steps are easy.

What Are Foot Ulcers?

Diabetic foot ulcers are open sores or wounds that usually develop on the bottom of the foot. Several factors can contribute to the development of foot ulcers, including poor circulation, deformities, irritation, pressure or friction, trauma, and long-term diabetic conditions. Redness, swelling, and drainage are frequent and visible symptoms of a foot ulcer.Read More