Eating for Foot Health - Diabetes SuperfoodTens of millions of Americans live with the challenges of diabetes. Managing the disease can take a lot of work, but failing to be vigilant can lead to tragic consequences. Among the many other health issues that can be triggered by diabetes are serious medical problems with feet.

Diabetes reduces blood flow to the legs and feet, which makes it harder for the body to heal after any foot injuries. Even more troubling, nerve damage caused by diabetes can lead to the inability to feel pain, which can cause a diabetic to not realize they have a foot problem or seek treatment until after it becomes extremely severe.

In fact, diabetes can cause foot problems so severe that amputation is the only effective treatment. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 73,000 adult diabetics had a leg or foot amputated in 2010 alone. About 60% of the amputations of legs and feet not resulting from an injury involved diabetes, and diabetics 45 years-old and older are 10 times more likely to have a leg or foot amputated than people without diabetes.

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