Regenerative Medicine for the Foot and Ankle – Part 2: Bone Marrow TherapyIn last week’s blog post, we discussed one kind of non-surgical treatment for foot and ankle problems – amniotic stem cell therapy – that utilizes and enhances the body’s own natural healing functions to effectively address pain and speed the recovery process. But stem cells are only one form of regenerative medicine we practice at JAWS podiatry. We also take advantage of the healing and curative properties contained in bone marrow to safely repair damage and relieve pain so patients can get back on their feet quickly without the need for surgery.

Regenerative medicine is an option for patients with new injuries or patients who previously tried other orthopedic treatments with no relief. Each regenerative procedure is done in just a day, minimizing healing time considerably.

Bone marrow therapy has been safely and effectively used for years to treat a variety of ailments. The reason this treatment works is because of the power of the stem cells found in our bones.

Stem cells contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties which help restore healthy functioning and repair damaged tissue throughout the body. Unlike cortisone and other anti-inflammatory drugs which only provide temporary pain relief, stem cells actually restore damaged tissue while providing pain relief at the same time.Read More