strong anklesYour ankles take a beating, especially if you are a jogger or other athlete. Ankles and the muscles surrounding them experience constant stress due to the impact of running, jumping, and even a normal walking stride. All of that stress makes ankles particularly prone to injury. An injured ankle can keep you off your feet and off of your exercise regimen. If you want to minimize the chances of injury, you need to get to work strengthening your ankles.

If you have strong ankle musculature, your ankles can withstand greater force before sustaining an injury. The most common ankle injury is a sprain, also called an “inverse” injury. Sprains typically occur when you make a misstep or trip and your foot rolls underneath your ankle. If the muscles surrounding the ankle are strong, they are less likely to suffer from a sprain when such missteps occur.

Strong ankles also offer benefits beyond reducing the chances of strain. Strengthening lower leg muscles around the ankle can help prevent chronic conditions such as shin splints and Achilles tendonitis. Keeping your ankles strong can also improve your stride and athletic performance. If exercise is not a top priority for you, perhaps the ability to wear more challenging shoes such as high heels may motivate you to give your ankles a little TLC.

Strengthening your ankles isn’t hard. Here are some quick and easy ankle exercises that can keep you in stride:Read More