Podiatry Procedures

Foot & Ankle Surgery

JAWS provides comprehensive foot and ankle surgical options for some of the most common lower extremity ailments.

Toe Surgery

JAWS offers multiple options for toe surgery, including aesthetic toe-shortening, toe-straightening as well as toe-lengthening procedures.

Bunion Surgery

These are not merely unsightly bumps on the sides of the foot. These condition can often times have no symptoms for many years.

Hammertoe Surgery

Hammertoes and related deformities are contractures of the joints of the lesser toes and may worsen with neglect.

Fifth Toe Correction

The fifth toe has a variety of deformities that are not only cosmetically unattractive, but painful and discomforting as well.

Regenerative Procedures

Cell-based therapies and biocompatible approaches are optimal methods for treating a variety of both ankle and heel problems.

Nail Surgery

This surgical procedure eliminates painful chronic ingrown toenails that cause stylish shoes to be painful and/or uncomfortable.

PathFormer for fungus

PathFormer allows JAWS Podiatry practitioners to offer our patients a fast, safe and effective method for treating Onychomycosis.

Botox / Excessive Sweating

Botox injections treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the plantar aspect of the foot, a common issue affecting many people.

The 're-loub' injection

Women often experience pain in the great toe joint, a condition known as hallux limitus caused frequently by the use of high-heeled shoes.

Plantar Fat Pad

With time and age, the fat pad on the bottom of our feet begins to atrophy, losing its thickness and resilience to various surfaces.

Local Cryotherapy

When it comes to the health of your feet, there are two primary reasons why podiatrists use cryotherapy: warts and neuromas.

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